Thursday, 4 September 2014

DSLR Video Class Results

My August DSLR Video class has just wrapped up - these are the resulting videos (several of the students missed the last day through sickness). The class, held at the Centre for Continuing Education at Sydney Uni involves one day learning the absolute basics: settings, lenses, resolution, frame rates, stabilisation, shooting techniques and more. 
On the second day each student was asked to write five sentences describing their worst job ever.  Time is then spent making a storyboard from this concept and, essentially, writing a short script for a film.  This is then used as a basis for the shooting schedule.  Each student takes it in turn to either narrate their script, record/monitor the sound levels and operate the camera. 
The third day is essentially all about editing with Adobe Premiere Pro.  We run through the basics of using Premiere Pro and then import the clips and sound bytes for assembly into the final videos you see here. 
Quite awesome results when you consider this was the first time any of the students had shot a cohesive video and used Premiere Pro...

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