Monday, 28 July 2014

Learn Photography Essentials Class

Here are some of the best shots from my recent Learn Photography Essentials Class.
Held at CCE in Sydney, it's a more advanced version of my one-day Basics class, runs for two days and is held entirely on location.  Students are encouraged to experiment as much as possible with their camera settings, using specific shutter speeds, apertures, ISO and colour adjustments to achieve a specific look.
On the final day there's a bit of pressure as the students have to shoot to a theme, then submit 10 of their best, for assessement after the class has finished. These are a few of the tremendous images submitted for the July class. Excellent work all round!

Intense colours from Syd Reinhardt recording signs and written notices
distributed with
apparent random around the shipyard.
Canon 5D, 21mm lens

Another tongue-in-cheek sign spotted by Syd Reihardt
Canon 5D, 21mm lens
A tough shot to capture, these guys were grinding part of the cabin superstructure.
Pic by Francesco Bova
This swarf bucket appears to be glowing inside.
In this case an off-centre composition works well.
Close-up by Jesslyn Wiraputra

Worms-eye view of the John Oxley in the Heritage Shipyard, Rozelle.
Pic by Jesslyn Wiraputra. Canon MkII, 24-70mm lens
Detailed shallow focus close up of the Kanangra ferry's ropework.
Pic Li Ozinga.
Again high colour and a good use of a shallow depth of field (f2.8).
Pic by Li Ozinga
"Ropes" was a theme chosen by Clive Saunders for his ten shots.
No shortage of subject matter here!
A massive drill bit is brought into sharp focus by Clive Saunders.
Macro often reveals details otherwise invisible to the naked eye.
The creatively-titled rivet dreamtime.
Great, punchy colour from Francesco Bova

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