Sunday, 11 May 2014

Mudgee Photo Workshop: Gulgong shoot

Cafe de Gulgong, HDR + JixiPix Grungetastic
Classic old country town coffee shop, unfortunately closed when we visited Gulgong on a our recent photo workshop!
Gulgong: JixiPix GrungetasticKnown as the town on the 10$ note, Gulgong looks more like a film set.
If it weren't for the telephone wires and cars, this could be the late 1800s
HDR + JixiPix GrungetasticCentre of town, the Commercial Hotel
Commercial Roller Flour Mills. HDR + JixiPix Grungetastic
HDR shot in the small country town of Gulgong
Gulgong house HDR + JixiPix GrungetasticAll of the group were drawn to this property - undoubtedly because of its unusual texture and colour
HDR close up + JixiPix Grungetasticof one of the town's historical buildings
The town centre is so unique it really feels like you have wandered into a historical film set.
Great for photography, HDR shooting, textures and atmosphere, even on a wet, rainy day...

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  1. All Camera shoot in hd camera with perfect support of aluminium scaffolding for our grip in any angle.