Tuesday, 18 March 2014

The Sri Lankan Big Breakfast

I had forgotten how good Sri Lankan food can be - and especially the breakfasts. 

While the German and French tourists in the hotel were plundering the bread, cereal and order-your-own-omelette counters, I was happily getting stuck into egg hoppers (made from rice flour, water, coconut milk and yeast) and string hoppers (which look like 2-minute noodles but are made, in this example, from red rice).
Apart from being very tasty on their own, hoppers are a great way to soak up some of the delicious curries that also appear on the Sri Lankan breakfast table, including an eye-watering chicken curry, tangy fish curry, a delectable mung dhal (made with coconut cream), red and green coconut sambal (hot and mild respectively) and the inevitable veggie sambar to top it all off. An absolutely delicious breakfast - and a great way to both kick start your taste buds, and your day...

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