Sunday, 30 March 2014

Public Market in Nuwara Eliya

Here are a few shots taken in the public market in Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka's highest town (6000ft). It's the centre of the tea growing industry as well as being an important provider of market gardening produce from cabbages and strawberries to potatoes and even leeks...

One of the boys manning a vegetable stall in Nuwara Eliya market.
They take great pride in the arrangements of produce, far more than you'd normally see in Coles or Woolies!
Chillies, dried and fresh are a mainstay of Sri Lankan cooking and are grown nearly everywhere...
One of my all-time culinary favourites in Sri Lankan foods - buffalo yoghurt or 'curd'.
It is packaged in a terracotta pot and sealed with a paper lid.
Curd is typically served with curries or as a breakfast food and is sweetened with a type of liquid palm sugar called treacle.
This has a slightly burned flavour like molasses and tastes absolutely delicious.
Wide aperture shot of spices in the market.
In this example I shot at f1.4 to throw almost everything else out of focus and thus further emphasise the subject.
Colourful fresh tomatillos
Close up of chilli and turmeric powders in Nuwara Eliya's markets
Bitter Melons
Said  to be very healthy (let's face it, most sour or bitter foods always are touted as healthy, why else would we eat them?), I have deep fried bitter melon slices and curried melon in Sri Lanka.
A massive 10-20kg fruit that is almost indescribably tasty to eat.
Sweet, slightly like banana, yet a bit crunchy into the bargain.
Eat it straight off the tree or in Sri Lankan curries, either way, it's delicious!
Petite aubergines perfectly stacked up for sale in the market

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