Sunday, 10 November 2013

GoPro for Grown-ups

Here's a very short video I made with my GoPro camera in Japan. It's made from a few clips I shot on a walk up to the Kiyuomizu-dera shrine in Kyoto and was hurredly put together using Adobe Premiere Pro while on the train between Kyoto and Okayama (so I only had 50 minutes to finish it off!).  Hopefully it demonstrates how you can create a simple travel video - but with different angles and fields of view. GoPros are small, discrete and waterproof - allowing you to manhandle them easily into places you'd never risk putting an expensive DSLR camera.
GoPro for Grown Ups is the title of an upcoming class I will be holding in Sydney, and online, next year. Basically it's all about how to make cool little videos with totally different 'looks' using a GoPro camera...

GoPro for GrownUps #1 from Robin Nichols on Vimeo.

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