Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Collective Nouns

Ever wondered what a bunch of cheetahs were called?
Or if there's a collective noun for a group of zebras or baboons? Here's the lowdown  - as we saw it in Africa.

Multiple elephants can be called a herd or a parade.

We all know this one - a group of lions is called a pride...

Here's a distinctive crash of rhinos...

A group of buffalo get to be called a herd or a gang...

There's no specific name for a group of waterbuck so a herd, cluster or tribe will have to suffice...

Flamingoes take the award for having the most numerous collective nouns:
a flamboyance, flurry, regiment, skein or stand.

Multiple ostriches are called a wobble, pride or a flock.
Hippos are almost always in a group so they claim several collective nouns:
, school, pod or raft
Yes, it's true, you can call a bunch of zebra a herd, group or, my favourite, a dazzle.
If you are lucky enough to see more than one cheetah together,
you can call them a coalition.
Warthogs have the group name: sounder.

Impala get called a rank when in large groups.

Hardly surprisingly, a group of porcupines is not only called a prickle, it's also to be avoided...
A flock of vultures is called a looming or a vortex of vultures. Excellent!
Baboons hang about in large social groups called a troupe or a congress.

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