Monday, 9 September 2013

Day Eight: The Birds of Okonjima

Here are a few of our bird shots - the accommodation at Okonjima consists of rondavels, self-contained African round houses with thatched roofs - you have three, four, or five floor to ceiling windows that open out to the bush. To attract the local bird population, the lodge supplies bird seed! You can sit in a deckchair in the lounge and watch the birds come to you. Natalie and I went on a two hour self-guided walk and saw a dead warthog and one go away bird. Only. We came back to the hut and within five minutes had 23 guinea fowl, a crimson breasted shrike, spurfowl, and many of the birds you see on this page. It's a cornucopia for birders. Here are a few of the birds we have seen at Okonjima.

Swallowtail Bee eater
Swallowtail Bee eater
Short-toed Rock Thrush
Red eyed Bulbul
Montero's Hornbill
Helmeted Guinea Fowl
Laughing Dove
Crimson breasted Shrike
Scaly feathered finch
Scaly feathered finches
Violet-eared Waxbill
Grey-headed Sparrow
Grey-backed Cameroptera
Southern Masked Weaver taking a bath
Southern Masked Weaver

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  1. ... which just goes to show that a gin and tonic, at your own rondavel, and a bit of bird seed is far superior to exercise and optimistic hopes of sighting in the bush. Isn't there a proverb along the lines of ... birdseed in hand is photographically worth more than bucks in the bush?