Friday, 20 September 2013

Baboon Business

Here are some shots taken mostly from a small (tinny) boat cruising down the Chobe river - although you do feel a bit exposed, especially as the river is infested with large (2.5m+) crocs, hippos and swimming elephants, it's a really good way to photograph small birds in the reeds and anything else that wanders down for a drink in the river.  Now the collective noun for a group of baboons is a troupe or a congress.  Here are a few snaps we made one evening a couple of days ago.  I thought these would need some appropriate captions...

"Now where exactly did you say that flea problem was?"

A tiny young baboon trying to get some milk before the mother moves off

A baby this small makes almost no difference to the mobility of the mother

Baboons are very social animals and , like humans, have disputes that are loud, often quite intimidating but thankfully, short-lived...

"Ooooh Yuk, How long have you had that?"

"Bloody contact lenses"

"Would you like your parting on the left or on the right Sir?"

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