Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Over the Border into Zim

Today we left Deception Valley lodge but were able to squeeze a two-hour game drive before flying up to Kasane in Northern Botswana. Six of us set of and within 40 mins the tracker had found sign of a large pride. He leapt off the vehicle and disappeared into the bush, returning five mins later with good news. A pride with three cubs was close. We spent a hairy 20 mins crashing through quite dense bush following the tracker who eventually found up to nine lions including the cubs who were playing tag amongst the bushes. It was a thrilling experience - we followed them for 30 mins - photography was hard as the bush was thick and the lions always seemed to be just behind a bush at the moment the shutter was pressed. But it was certainly a fantastic experience, both to watch a San tracker at work , to crash  through the bush and to then follow the lions. Here are a few of my snaps hurriedly downloaded. I know some of the others on the trip got better shots than me - these will be uploaded next time. Watch this space...

One of the young lion cubs seen this morning
A good example of how hard it is to get a good, uninterrupted view of the kalahari lions - this is typical terrain.
Boarding the Mack Air flight to Kasane in Northern Botswana
Dusty take-off from Deception Valley. The three owners of DV had to physically make the airstrip before they could open the lodge..
Over Northern Botswana
Over Northern Botswana
Over Northern Botswana
Ground Hornbill spotted on the roadside enroute to the 'A Zambezi Lodge in Victoria Falls. A family of warthogs wandered through the Botswana/Zim customs post while we were waiting for clearance - and further on, we had to stop on the road to let a group of elephants cross..
Civiisation at last! KFC is Africa's most popular fast food chain. At the A Zambezi Lodge we were warned not to touch the wildlife that wanders through the beautiful grounds. We have already seen warthogs round the pool area and baboons appear when you least expect it. I am told hippos occasionally wander through the hotel as well. Should be an exciting three days...

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