Monday, 13 May 2013

Anzac Day at Tumut

The 2010 CCE Africa Tour team meet once again - this time in Tumut for an Anzac Day shoot...

Rusty in the sugar pine plantation, near Batlow. B/W by Glyn Patrick
Tumut ANZAC day march. A member of the Light
Horse Man Re-enactment Society wearing the WW1 Light Horse uniform complete with a 90-round leather bandolier and emu plumes adorning his hat. Pic by Glyn Patrick.
Pic by Fraser Burdon
Woodland walk by Fraser Burdon
Cross in the mist. Tumut. Pic by Fraser Burdon
Tumut landscape by Carolyn Grattan
Tumut landscape by Carolyn Grattan
Tumut landscape by Carolyn Grattan
High contrast high country. Alan Stern
Early morning mist, Tumut, Snowy Mountains. Alan Stern.
In the sugar pine plantation, Near Batlow, Snowy Mountains. Pic: Alan Stern.
Autumnal scene, Talbingo reservoir, by Fay Burdon.
Walking in the high country, Pic by Fay Burdon
Photo by Fay Burdon
Dew covered cobweb, Tumut, by Lucie Loane
High country landscape by Lucie Loane
Tussock country by Lucie Loane
 Old road bridge over the Tumut river by Natalie Hitchens
Sunset reflections, Adelong goldmine site, by Natalie Hitchens
In the sugar pine plantation. Zoomed image by Natalie Hitchens
Gold mine site, Adelong Falls by Robin Nichols
Sugar pine plantation, near Batlow, Snowy Mountain. Robin Nichols
Batlow apple packing factory (closed) by Robin Nichols

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