Thursday, 11 April 2013

Dubbo Photo Trip

Rhino, by Kerrie Murphy
In June I am leading a photographic trip to South Africa and Botswana for the first time. 15 of us are headed into the wilds so we decided to test our skill first by spending a day and a half at Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

Local wildlife at Dubbo zoo, by Alan Taylor
Lunchtime, by Don Barnes
Meerkat using the keeper as a lookout. Pic by Natalie Hitchens
Awesome otter action by Jim Stace
These otters were moving fast so getting a shot as sharp as this is excellent. By Mary Barnes
Another impressive otter shot (I gave up as they were moving so fast!). This one by Phil Young
One of the best Cheetah shots from the weekend by Caralyn Taylor.
Fabulous close-up of a giraffe - pic by Kerrie Dixon
Big lens lineup

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