Sunday, 31 March 2013

First Flash Class of 2013

We held the first DSLR Flash Class for 2013 in March - these are some of the excellent results produced by my students. The general premise of learning about flash is to both gain confidence and to create images that, while they don't look like flash was used, definitely benefit from using flash, either on camera or off-camera.

Andrew photographed by Kirsten

Andrew, photographed by Dan
Rochelle photographed by Jack, Zeiss 135mm portrait lens.
Jasper the drummer, photographed by Kirsten
Patrick shot by Rochelle
Muso photographed by Rochelle
Dan, a self-portrait "of the musician"
Well done to all of you - I thought the images submitted were excellent: sharp, well exposed highlights and shadows, a good balance of ambient and flash light. The reality is, you can hardly tell flash has been used in most of the results. And that's how it should be. Nice job...

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