Sunday, 27 January 2013

Parramatta Road, Inner West

A few months ago I was on a bus heading towards Strathfield. It stopped at a bus stop right outside the Olympia Milk Bar in Stanmore. I couldn't believe that such an ancient-looking milk bar could still exist is this day and age. Its cracked windows are stapled up, taped together with sticky masking tape and its interior appears to be stuck in the fifties. Other shops surrounding the Olympia in this area of Stanmore appeared to be in a similar shabby state so we spent half a day in late December shooting in and around the area surrounding the milk bar. It has some great old shops, plenty of decrepit shop houses, peeling paint and a unique feel that the world has passed much of it by...

Parramatta road shop, Petersham, HDR by Natalie Hitchens
Here are some of our (mostly HDR, high dynamic range) results. If you are not sure what HDR means, it's three exposures, shot using the camera's Auto Exposure Bracketing function and assembled into one super-wide tonal range picture. HDR images are typically very characterful, detailed and 'gritty'. The three (or more) images are exposed differently (i.e. 'plus' two f-stops, 'minus' two f-stops and one 'normal' exposure) then 'assembled' using special HDR software such as Adobe Photoshop or Photomatix Pro (

Chinese medicine shop, Parramatta road, Petersham, HDR by Natalie Hitchens
Old house off Parramatta road, Leichhardt. HDR by Natalie Hitchens
Olympia milk bar, Parramatta road.  HDR by Natalie Hitchens
Olympia salon detail. HDR by Natalie Hitchens

For rent: Parramatta road, Petersham, HDR by Robin Nichols

Posters on posters, Parramatta road. HDR by Robin Nichols

For rent. HDR by Robin Nichols

Factory outlet. HDR by Robin Nichols

In a foreign language. Pic by Robin Nichols

Meat, meat, meat. Italian butcher near Norton St, Parramatta road. HDR by Robin Nichols

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