Monday, 12 November 2012

Broken Hill Trip

Mid-October saw us drive, fly and train it to Broken Hill, 1200+km from Sydney, for a four-day photo shoot. For me it was well worth the drive as the outback looked great, with plenty of vegetation and heaps of wildlife. Including more emus than I have ever seen, kangaroos of every shape and description, and of course a fabulous amount of flowers and birdlife.
Here's a selection of some of the best images submitted as part of the final feedback session. Some beautiful work..

Sculpture Park by Belinda Baccarini

Gumnut close up by Belinda Baccarini
'Do the right thing', sign seen in Broken Hill's city cemetary by Gordon Chirgwin
'We forget', Broken Hill City cemetery.
Pic by Gordon Chirgwin
Argent Street, Broken Hill HDR by Kerrie Dixon
Impressive sunset, Sculpture Park by Kerrie Dixon
Outback cemetary, Broken Hill by Marietta McGregor

Sheep pens at Kinchega woolshed, Menindee lakes area, by Marietta McGregor
Woolshed still life HDR by Mary Barnes
Backlighting in the Silverton Tea Rooms. HDR by Mary Barnes
Old tool shed at the Kinchega woolshed complex.
HDR pic by Natalie Hitchens
Close up of bottles and antique artifacts. HDR by Natalie Hitchens
Wool baling machine. HDR by Phil Young
Under the gum trees in a dry creekbed. On the road to Mutawintji national park by Phil Young
Rugged country around Broken Hill by Steve Mullarkey

Silverton HDR by Steve Mullarkey

Menindee Lakes by Tina Brauer

Kinchega woolshed by Tina Brauer

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  1. Broken Hill - Mining and Artistic Oasis in Australia's Outback
    Broken Hill
    Flying over the vast plains of the Australian outback, there is little to see but occasional kangaroos or emus. Then as your airplane descends, you will observe a large town surrounded by greenery in the middle of the desert: this is the town of Broken Hill.