Saturday, 29 September 2012

Bar Centrale, Bevagna

It's been a hectic, history-filled, and totally enjoyable Grand Tour of Italy tour so far. With Sorrento, Paestum, Pompei, Herculaneum and Rome behind us we are taking stock and exploring the countryside of Umbria centered around the medieval town of Bevagna
Besides day trips to Spoleto and Montefalco the highlight for this leg was clearly the hill-top town of Assisi (HDR pano below). Amazing for its religious pilgrimages but especially so because of the beautiful frescoes painted by Giotto in the main cathedral. But, for a photographer this is a tough location simply because you are not allowed to shoot inside the church - OK, OK, the frescoes are hundreds of years old, but..

Here's a quick panorama of the town, shot using HDR of course, to add a bit of added detail to the sky. End of the day we retired to the Bar Centrale in downtown Bevagna for a drink and debriefing on what we have seen to date...

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