Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Cuba Photo Montage Book

I have just received my Cuba Montages book back from the printer - very happy with the quality, although to be truthful, over the past month I redid most of the pages many times, editing the colour and brightness again and again till I was happy. Someone remarked to me 'how long' it takes to make a digital photo book. This has taken me two months, on and off. If I have a folder of edited images it is possible to get it all done in a day, but then there's always something in the design, layout, colour, sharpenss and subject matter that can be improved upon.

For the first time I tried Blurb's ProLine Uncoated paper - in plain English this refers to a 'dead matte' finish. Great for a more 'arty' look and feel - but do beware, the more matte your paper surface, the flatter the tones reproduce so, to compensate, you might have to boost the colours slightly. As Blurb doesn't issue colour profiles for its pre-press you really have to do this by eye and hope for the best. Having said that though, if your screen is accurate (i.e. calibrated) then it's more likely to come out the way you want. It was also a good $25 cheaper - for the same thickness paper (as the more expensive ProLine Pearl).

You can buy the eBook here or check out the print version below:

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  1. Not what I was expecting... and probably not the same as books produced by the rest of your shutterbug companions. BUT an excellent record of Cuba from the revolution. Lots of off-Blurb techniques, lots of on-computer work but the result is very impressive. How many sheets of brown paper did you have to tear up for the pages...
    Well done! Is it available to purchase? I'd like it on my iPad. N