Friday, 13 April 2012

Oh Jesus!

Mexico, especially over the Easter period, features an impressive range of religious effigies. Many are completely over-the-top in their depiction of the crucifixion, the angels, the stages of the Cross, and so on. Here's an assortment of images shot while we traveled for four days in Mexico...
Hooded flagellant statue, Taxco
pic by Graham Robinson
Selling tee-shirts?
Side altar icons seen in Taxco's main church
Pic by Graham Robinson
Graphic Easter image of Christ set in Taxco's Santa Prisca church
(Pic Leo Gasparet)
An Easter image of Christ, Taxco's Santa Prisca church,
(Pic Leo Gasparet)
Cherubs in Santa Prisca church, Taxco
(Pic Leo Gasparet)
Statue depicting a flagellant, people who parade at Easter in Taxco, 2.5 hours drive from Mexico City,
(Pic Leo Gasparet)
Statue depicting a flagellant - these people parade at Easter in Taxco(Pic Leo Gasparet)
Santo Domingo and the Capilla del Rosari church (HDR)
(Pic Leo Gasparet)
Vaulted ceilings in the Santo Domingo and the Capilla del Rosari church.
(Canon EF14mm fisheye, HDR). RN.
Who, Me? RN (HDR). RN.
JC on the move. Statue being removed for storage till next year...?
Guadeloupe church, Mexico City. RN.

Just the roof of the church! Massive architectural features that are hard to shoot without flash or a tripod. Best technique is to place the camera on its back somewhere static and use the self-timer - and you get a sharp shot.  Pic by Graham Robinson
INRITruly gory Jesus icon seen in the restaurant overlooking the main square in Taxco.
Pic by Graham Robinson.
Virgin Mary
Another classic religious image from Taxco's church.
Pic by Graham Robinson.

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