Monday, 23 January 2012

Bali Book and Videos

CCE had an eight-day Photo Tour to Bali in October 2012. As expected it was great fun because those that signed up for the tour not only shared a common interest in photography, but they were also game to try almost everything that we threw at them, including weird food, odd locations, a relentless itinerary, and a lot of tough photographic challenges.

Thanks to one of the tour members (thanks again Bev!), I spent some time thinking about the Apple iPad. She used it every day; in the hotel, on the bus - it just seemed a really neat, easy way to play with digital pictures while travelling away from home. So much so I borrowed one from Apple on my return and discovered an amazing world of very cool apps designed to create fabulous-looking, creative imagery. And what's more, it is easy - that's the iPad advantage - because it has to be virtually menu-free, operation is simple yet the results are impressive. Including a paint app called Auto Paint. This produces results that are far better than anything you can easily do using Photoshop Elements. Even more interesting is its parent application - Dynamic Auto Painter (DAP) which, at $100 for the 64-bit version, offers a heap more options and paint styles. Hence the inspiration for the book you see here.

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