Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Bali Photo Tour: The Dancers

Our last slide night/critique evening happened on Monday afternoon, as everyone waited for their departing planes. The images submitted were simply amazing. Professional, and completely Bali-centric, with great colour, contrast and terrific timing, especially with shots of fast-paced dancers. Everyone learned how to master their on-camera flash or speedlights to get some great results in what amounted to very tricky lighting conditions. Because there are so many great shots, I thought it best to subdivide these into categories. Here are some of the best dancer shots.

Balinese dancer at a Batu Bulan Barong dance session.
Pic by Mike Clements.
The monkey, friend of the Barong tiger creature, shot in the pouring rain at Batu Bulan, pic by Robin Nichols
Fire dance at Batu Bulan, Bali by Tina Brauer
Mythical Garuda character featuring in the Barong dance, pic by Tina Brauer
Monkey man dancing in the flames, pic by Kerrie Dixon
Balinese Barong dancer, pic by Kerrie Dixon
Beautiful Legong dancer, pic by Geoff Driscoll
Fire dancer in an explosion of sparks and smoke, Batu Bulan, pic by Geoff Driscoll
Intense pain or concentration? Fire dancer at Batu Bulan, Bali by Mike Clements
Exquisite Legong dancer in the rain, Batu Bulan, Bali by Mike Clements
Utter concentration shown by one of the performers in the Kecak dance, pic by Steve Mullarkey
Hanoman the monkey God in the kecak dance, Ulu Watu. Pic by Carolyn Pettigrew
Superb colours in the final stages of the fire dance, Batu Bulan. Pic by Anne Keniry
'Psyching up' for the fire dance, pic by Anne Keniry

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