Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Rozelle Shipyards Redux

This is what we produced for our first ever CCE DSLR Video class...
I've visited the Heritage Shipyards in Rozelle Bay a number of times now - couple of weeks ago was another great fun day with a group of students from CCE (Sydney Uni).This time the students were taking part in my new Sydney Uni CCE DSLR Video class.

The shipyards are great for both video and stills photography. We had a good day, and an even more industrious day one week later trying to put the clips that we had shot into some sense of order using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Here are the really quite amazing results from the students. Cast in no particular order of appearance.  Bear in mind that for many this was the first time any of them had even used the software...

First video seen here was shot and produced by Kate Buchanan

Take a journey to the Sydney Heritage shipyard and gain insight from the volunteers who restore these pieces of history. By Leah.

Short movie by Robyn Larbalestier

A longer session featuring the work of Patrick McSwiney

Video created by Robin Nichols

This was not my fist trip to the shipyards so I have combined some stills from a previous visit with the moving pictures.
Editing in Premiere Pro.
Colour effects were done using Magic Bullet Looks (a must-have Premiere Pro Plug-in). The special effects stuff (i.e. the added spots and scratches) were applied using Magic Bullet Misfire.

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