Saturday, 16 April 2011

Postcard from Oman

Another assignment for the group was to design a 'Postcard from...'.
Under heavy time constraints, but absolutely no creative restraints, here are their Postcards from Oman. (I'd like to add that these in no way reflect our impressions of Oman or the Omani people who we found to be charming at all times).

By Ian Caldwell (with an old Arabic saying)
Sue Caldwell's postcard from our cruise through the Khorrs (fijords) off the coast at Kasab
'Colourful Oman' from Lucie Loane - Oman seems to be a very tidy country - but most of the scrawny trees we saw seemed to have an obligatory plastic bag dangling from one of the branches!
Postcard from Fraser Burdon. The text telss the story..
By Fay Burdon producing the most 'sensible' postcard of the lot!
Oman postcard by Janice G
Glyn Patrick (must have been the big lunch)
Oman Photo Tour Workshops by Robin Nichols

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