Sunday, 27 March 2011

North African Landscapes

The following pictures are landscapes gleaned from our second travelling slideshow session. This time I placed a bit more of an emphasis on the landscape side of things. Sensible, considering we had spent the afternoon flogging through the wide open wastes of the Sahara. Actually it was only 2 or three hours on a camel, but most of us ended up being very sore in the inner thigh region!
On the trip into the desert we made the mistake of heading directly to the appointed sunset viewpoint. As it happened there wasn't a sunset as the sun sank behind a bank of cloud. Next time I'd get off the camel at the half-way point and shoot the desert from there. Interestingly, this is Morocco's only section of sandy desert - most of the desert in the southern Atlas region is stony, and not very picturesque. Aside from these desert scenes, you'll find a number of great panoramas from the drive over the High Atlas and a vertical panorama taken in the Dades Gorge. This really looked just like a lot of the scenery seen in central Australia (apart from the dozens of blanket salesmen lining the roadside).The vertical panorama in this example was a great way of capturing an otherwise very hard-to-get scene.

Sahara by RN
Overnight camp by RN
Camel trekking silhouette by Ian Caldwell
Before the ride by Sue Caldwell
Big sand dunes by Robin Nichols
Desert Kasbah. Sue Caldwell
Todra Gorge switchback by Sue Caldwell
Heading back to camp by Robin Nichols
Desert encampment by Carolyn Grattan
Dades Gorge, vertical panorama by Fay Burdon
Mountain pass by Fraser Burdon
Desert rockscape by Janice G
Desert closeup, by Janice G

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