Saturday, 12 February 2011

Heritage Fleet Shipyard Revisited

On Feb 5th, the F8 Group went to the Sydney Heritage Shipyard for a shooting exercise - good choice of day - it turned out to the the hottest February day on record (42C). Our planned three to four-hour shooting session was curtailed by the heat. Spare a thought for the volunteers that work in the yard...
Study in texture. 'A wee bit 'o rust' by Glyn Patrick
Great DOF. Coal and Steamer, pic by Glyn Patrick
Cotton mooring ropes, pic by Glyn Patrick
The Lady Hopetoun, pic by Glyn Patrick
'Fire buckets', an eye-catching composition from Lucie Loane
Restoring a bit of history, pic by Lucie Loane
Detail. Old and new plates, John Oxley restoration, pic by Glyn Patrick
Lifeboat on the John Oxley by Fay Burdon
Excellent HDR of the John Oxley galley, by Fay Burdon
HDR machinery in shipyard by Fay Burdon
HDR by Fraser Burdon
Pic by Fraser Burdon
HDR pic by Fraser Burdon
So we managed to photograph our way through most of the exhibits. Well, they are not really 'exhibits' as most are still in the process of being renovated and/or restored to their former glories. The John Oxley is the mainstay as this towers over the rest of the dock but there are a couple of ferries, as well as a tug and numerous other small vessels under renovation. It's an amazingly interesting day out, especially for those into photography. Although there's no entrance fee, a donation to the heritage trust is appreciated simply because there's very little official funding to keep this piece of history alive.
By Mike Clements
By Mike Clements
Here's a short video I made from clips and stills shot at the shipyard and pieced together against a great piece of music from Robert Wyatt, a legendary muso from a band called Soft Machine. Enjoy...

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