Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Photomerge Content Aware Fill Brilliant for Panoramas

Elements 9.0 has a new slant to its Photomerge Panorama feature: Content Aware Fill.

How often do you get ragged edges to your stitched panoramas?
All the time right?
Elements now offers a Clean Edges feature - click 'OK' and wait, in some cases, wait quite a few minutes, and voila! The edges get filled in with the content from the inside of the frame. The result is excellent. 

Now I have only tried this on a couple of panoramas so far but both looked almost seamless - it was very hard to pick what was copied and where the join was. Excellent job. 
If the panorama ends up with a lot of transparency areas around the edges (the chequerboard pattern) the Content Aware Fill does not work so convincingly. It makes mistakes simply because it has to copy so many pixels from the inside of the frame. Otherwise, this is an impressive advance on the regular stitch-then-crop action from version 8.0.

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