Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Heritage Fleet Shipyard

Hey everyone, the guys at the Sydney Heritage Fleet's dockyard were kind enough to show me round yesterday - so I could get an idea of what to expect, photographically, when we visit Feb 5th (selected invites only I am afraid...). The yard is there to refurbish, rebuild, restore a number of marine vessels to a pristine state. Many of you might have seen the tug Waratah chugging up and down the harbour from time to time - this is where she's berthed, alongside the John Oxley, the ferry Kanagra, the schooner Boomerang, the launch Protex and the steam launch Hopetoun, among several others. 

Most of this activity is invisible from the City West Link and Victoria road going into the city so it was an amazing discovery. Most of the vessels are in a dilapidated state but are being pored over by anything up to 30 volunteers, welding, hammering, riveting and repairing the various vessels. It's great to see such projects being undertaken where there's little or no financial backing.

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