Thursday, 11 November 2010

Group Show in Miyajima

What better place to have a group photo critique night than in a Japanese ryokan (guest house) on the shores of Miyajima island off the coast of Hiroshima? Here are some of the great images produced by all the Photo Study Tour students. The theme for the evening was 'close-up'.

Mary Barnes - dodecahedrons

Mary Barnes -grasses

Mary Barnes - flower stamen

Norma Barne - steamed buns, Yokohama

Norma Barne - small altar, Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto

Norma Barne - joss, Ginkakuji, Kyoto

John Clarke - water tub, Takayama

John Clarke - shrine detail, Takayama

John Clarke - detail, golden pavilion, Kyoto

Carol Clarke - offering bowl, Ginkaku-ji, Kyoto

Carol Clarke - old woman at shrine

Carol Clarke - kimono girl, Kanazawa

Leo Gasparet - 1050yen umbrellas

Leo Gasparet - child's rocking horse, 10.5mm lens, Hiwa Maru floating museum, Yokohama

Leo Gasparet - temple kanji

Leo Gasparet - leaf and moss

Sylvia Prescott - in the florist

Sylvia Prescott - poster close up

Sylvia Prescott - hairy crab close up

Graham Bass - shrine roofing detail

Graham Bass - fungi growing in temple grounds

Graham Bass - unfavourable fortune tied to string
This is only the second assessment we have had on the trip but the images submitted were 100% better - technically but more to the point, in context with the brief and the interpretation. 
Well done to all the students. Look out for the next session: architecture on a couple of days...

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