Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Chanko Nabe with the Sumo Students

One of the first trips we did in Tokyo was to visit a sumo stable - but because the national championships were already underway in Hakata, down south in Kyushu, the 'stables', the places where the sumo train, were deserted. Our trusty tour gurus organised a visit to a student sumo stable over at Waseda University and that's where we went.

It was a great experience to watch these young 18-22 year old go through the training routines, pushing 70kg tyres across the sandy arena flow, or pushing their mates in exercises designed to strengthen their necks. We sat for about an our watching this impressive demonstration of strength and discipline..

This is Chanko Nabe, a traditional sumo food. Cabbage, chicken meat, mushrooms and dumplings in a rich broth. Sumo eat this dish on a regular basis to follow up. Once all the food has been eaten, Rice is stirred into the remaining gravy along with a few raw eggs, to make very nice of extremely filling porridge. Sumo eat this, along with a massive amount of rice every day. The boys at the sumo club said that they would eat up to seven bowls of rice after a three-hour practice. Nothing would surprise me...

Here are the boys 'doing the centipede' Looks funny but I can guarantee this would be very hard to do!
CCE Photo Tour looking surprisingly relaxed posing with the Waseda University Sumo Club (that's us at the back...)

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