Sunday, 21 March 2010

Patience Pays Off

In some African game parks, rumour about the location of a big cat or rhino or leopard turns into fact and the airwaves run hot with directions from all the different drivers on how to get the best vantage spot. People come rushing from all directions to see the animal and, for the most part, they leave equally speedily leaving a cloud of dust.
We discovered very early on in the part that if you then wait and watch the remaing animals, other 'stuff' happens. Sometimes it's something that's far more interesting because there are less human distractions. This is a simple example: we stopped by the roadside to shoot a few members of this baboon troop. We were about to move off but I spotted more coming towards the road way off in the distance. We waited and slowley dozens appeared out of the scrub. They stopped at this small flooded channel, just for a moment, providing us with a magical opportunity to shoot in sequence mode and get a cool action sequence. All the students have since outdone this particular example, shooting a range of other more impressive sequences, including leopard. Often waiting can be the most rewarding strategy.

(top group of 4 by Robin, Cheetah by Lucy Loane).

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