Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Great lunch place in Zanzibar

For a long time in its history, has been the centrepiece of the spice trade. You can see it in the advertising at the airport, smell the spices in the streets of Stone town and taste in its food. If you're wandering around the historical part of Stonetown, as we were today, you`ll get hungry! We had spent about three hours wandering into alleyways and markets and ended up at a restaurant called the Silk Route just next to the tunnel on Forodhani - you can`t miss it because there's a uniformed guy standing on the footpath at the front complete with turban. 
You have to climb three floors to get to the restaurant but this gives you the right to sit at the table and watch sailing dhows drift past in the afternoon breeze right in front of you. The view is pretty good, the breeze coming onto the terrace even better and the food, we all agreed, was fantastic: described as 'Indian fusion', most of our group tucked into vegetarian dishes that were presented immaculately by very polite staff. 
If you like extremely well presented, affordable and tasty Indian food, in attractive surroundings, we couldn't recommend the place more highly...

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