Thursday, 7 January 2010

Learn Photography at CCE

I teach several courses at Sydney's Centre for Continuing Education in Newtown and now (2010) at the Sydney College of Art (SCA) on its Rozelle campus. Classes include:

Basic Introduction to Digital Photography
A one day introductory class covering everything from basic camera functions and features, downloading to the computer and simple software enhancement techniques.
Full day

Digital Photography, the Next Step (on three consecutive days)
A natural follow-on to the one-day class (although by no means is it a pre-requisite), this Newtown-based course teaches students the basics of camera craft, including the use of aperture, shutter speed, ISO, White Balance and more. You will also learn how to manage your digital picture output, how to load image files onto a computer and how to enhance the work done. We also look at how to create effects like panoramas, cards, collages, photo books and more.
Three full days

The Art of Digital Photo Book Making
The flavour of the moment, digital picture books are awesome, professional-looking coffee table style products. In this three-day computer lab-based course we run through the process of making one of these beautiful publications. Including tips and tricks for working round the limitations of a template based mass media software tool.
While more than half the time is spent on book design, text and image enhancement, we also cover how to create greeting cards, collages, multi-image posters and more.
Three full days.

Digital Photography, the Next Step
Designed as a follow-on to the one day class. Open to all comers but preferably those with some prior experience with cameras and computers. This is ideally suited to anyone that can't escape their real job in the daytime. We spend the first night looking at slide shows, examples of camera technique and run over the features of everyone's camera.
Then we spend two nights on location somewhere in the city, two nights in the computer lab working on our images and the final night at a photo lab printing the results of our labours.
Six, three-hour sessions.

Making the Most of Your D-SLR
A natural progression from our three-day or six-night 'Next Step' class. Designed for owners of a D-SLR or an advanced P.A.S.M. compact cameras that have adjustable aperture and shutter speeds. WE start with a two-hour orientation meeting where I go over intermediate and advanced camera functions and features. We then meet a week later at a location in the city (usually Darling Harbour or Cockatoo Island, or similar) and spend the whole day shooting in a range of different lighting and subject matter.
Day two involves a short model shoot in the morning giving us the chance to practice shooting people with flash and in natural light. The afternoon is spent assessing the work done in a series of critiques and discussions.
Two hour orientation, full day field trip , half a day on location in Newtown area then half a day in the computer lab.

Basic Composition: Adding the WOW factor to your image-making
This class is designed for everyone wanting to get an idea of how to make a picture more interesting. We spend a couple of hours looking at compositional techniques and then spend the days on location putting this into practice. There is not restriction on the type of camera used but clearly a P.A.S.M. camera would give you a great advantage in terms of creativity and control.
Students are given assignments for the field trip and the best results are then assembled into a slide show for a final three-hour critique night.
Two hour orientation session, full day field trip, three hour critique session.

An introduction to HDR image making
High Dynamic Range image making is all about shooting multiple exposures of the same subject then assembling them into one dynamic looking image with a massive range of tones. It is a great technique and produces some truly amazing visual effects. Day one involves a field trip and day two sees us in the computer lab assembling our fieldwork.
Two full days

Portraits Unplugged
In this two-day class we spend a lot of time shooting models in a number of different locations. Indoors and out, in natural light and using flash, with speed lights and reflectors. It's designed to be a confidence booster for the beginner photographer. The assignments give everyone an insight into dealing with new gear and techniques for dealing with people.
Two full days

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