Wednesday, 6 January 2010

Great Torch for Light Painting

One of the best torches I have ever seen, or used, is the LED Lenser - this is German technology at its best (LED Lenser Optoelectronics) and as far as I can see far surpasses the performance of rivals like MAGLITE torches (for US readers, please supplant the torch with flash light!).

LED or light emmitting diode technology is not new, but it's only just now released in the form of some very cool devices.
LED lamps consume very little power and are incredibly bright so you need to be quite careful not to produce hot spots in your 'painting' exercises. THe other big feature od the LED Lenser torches is that most have a speed focus - slide the lemp head forward or back to make a pinpoint light effect.
They are NOT cheap but they are quality. Recommended. - for a range and list of stockists...

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  1. Hi Robin

    Thanks for the post. Is there any particular model of this torch u recommend?