Friday, 8 January 2010

DSLR Handbook

This is a self-published handbook on getting the best from your D-SLR. It's not model-specific for the simple reason that camera functions are essentially the same. More importantly it provides an overview on key D-SLR features, how to set up a shooting workflow; how to sort and make initial edits, how to calibrate your system for a consistent colour workflow, how 'read' the LCD, plus composition pointers, the essentials to making a good picture, controlling depth of field, shutter speed and ISO sensitivity.

As a photography teacher I've drawn on many years of seeing beginners make the same mistakes over and over again. The examples in the latter part of this book highlight the sort of visual mishaps we frequently encounter. Each situation has a clearly-illustrated solution, and this has the sole purpose of putting the control back into the photographer's hands so they record what they see with much greater confidence...

10x8 inches, 120 pages, full colour, US$37.95 - shipping extra, please see for precise shipping details for your region...

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