Tuesday, 2 October 2018

Elizabeth Farm, Parramatta

Here are a few snaps taken recently in historic Elizabeth Farm house, which is located near Paramatta's CBD...

Wide-angle view of the main house at Elizabeth Farm - it doesn't look that big from the outside but inside it's really quite spacious. All the furniture in the house is copied - and because of that, you can try sitting in any of the seats and chairs in the museum -  a nice feature.
Interior shot of one of the bedrooms at Elizabeth Farm.
The four-poster is huge and the mattresses (there are several under that lumpy cover) are hard!
(This is a three-frame HDR image that was processed using Aurora HDR 2018).
One of Elizabeth Farm's original sitting rooms - it's really a small room that, from what I remember, was added after the original farmhouse was built. Because of the extreme contrast, I put this together from 7 differently-exposed frames using Aurora HDR 2018, thus allowing me to capture details in the dark interior, as well as the bright sunshine outside. 

Another 7-frame exposure bracket was used to capture the wide range of tones in this view of the small parlour that mirrors the size of the sitting room in the previous shot on the opposite side of the property.

Another nice corner located at the back of the house.

Same room - this time, a close up detail of an old (repro) candle stick

Kitchens are always interesting in any house, and this one is especially so as it is so well stocked with utensils and even herbs and spices. That's a cone of sugar at left.

Who wouldn't love to spend a leisurely Sunday morning reading the papers in this wonderful verandah?

Everything in those days was hard work - no sign of an electric grinder, food processor or magic bullet [liquidiser] in this kitchen!
Elizabeth Farm's homestead back yard - nicely renovated - almost too new.
The kitchen is out the back, out of sight here - well away from the main house.