Monday, 18 September 2017

Photoshop Fails

Keep your hands off me!

Google the words Photoshop and Fail and you'll see a mass of hilarious responses gleaned from the pages of the internet.
From the press, from magazine stands, newspapers, billboards, TV and more - all classic examples of where a  retoucher took their eye off the ball and produced something that might, to the casual observer, appear just a little weird, but on closer inspection, they look funny, painful, grungy, curious or hilarious. Here are just a few from the 'net...

Not a Photoshop Fail - but a regular, and very clever ad for Snickers.
The retoucher was obviously suffering from sugar withdrawal.
 American Airlines advert
The plane is landing on two wheels but cleverly, (the badly added) tyre smoke is only coming from one set of wheels
Photoshopped model? With a broken neck...
A political quickie
For some reason Jeb Bush has a white right hand and an African American left hand...