Friday, 16 September 2016

Lights ON at last

It was a moment of great concern for all of us.
It was time to hang the big light that we'd purchased almost a year ago.
Though we were told at the time it was Spanish, I think it looks more like a product from Morocco.
We loved it at first sight - but getting it hung was quite a different proposition...
Here's Con the sparky in his specially hired 'Skyreach' vertical platform.
On the day I was more concerned about it being driven into the paintwork or cracking the parquetry than whether the chain would hold the lamp!

Here's the final shot with our gorgeous lamp finally in position...
Having added the 10 globes, we immediately blew the electrical circuits, indicating that there was a fault
- with the unit, or the globes.
We spent 20 minutes resetting the power and, after removing all the globes, replacing them one by one.
Luckily for all concerned it turned out to be two faulty LED globes.
Hopefully the rest last a long time because I don't want to have to hire a Skyreach lifter again!

Monday, 5 September 2016

Cuba 2016

Here's a link to my latest travel book: Cuba 2016 featuring images edited in Lightroom and Jix Pix