Sunday, 29 May 2011

White Bay Weekend

Amazing to see so many people out at the White Bay Power Station in Rozelle last weekend - and so many of those toting tripods! It was almost a fight to get into a clear spot without including a set of black tripod legs somewhere in the frame. Hopefully the people that opened the site to the public this weekend will do it again at another time.
The queue to get into the main hall was 50-80 people long most of the time so most of us never even got that far! Next time. Thanks to everyone for sending in their shots this week.  

Nuts. Or is it bolts from Fraser Burdon - a really strong black-and-white image - reminiscent prehaps of those 'industrial' images so popular in the 30s and 40s when 'big industry' was still the new frontier, rather then just another polluter.


Premiere Pro Split Screen Effect from Robin Nichols on Vimeo.
Pic by Matthew Baker
Black-and-white close-up from Alan Stern.
Nice depth in the black tones here.
Another great black-and-white image from Matt Baker. The better of the two in my opinion.
Framing does nice justice to the scale of the place.
By Lucie Loane (aka 'Typhoid Mary').
Good in colour, could also be strong in black-and-white like Fraser's nuts shot.
Nice strong (HDR) colour from Ian Caldwell
Pic by Fraser Burdon
Pic by Ian Caldwell
'Yes, it's a Ladder', pic from Lucie Loane.
Probably needs a better angled light? Not sure how you'd do this other than firing a remote speedlight at an acute angle?
'Rusty crusty', from Lucie Loane.
I really like this composition - strong and very 'textural' - could also look hot in BW
View through a grille by Lucie Loane
Pic by Fraser Burdon.
Could be improved some by a great depth of field effect (with that 1.4 lens!)
'Reflection' or 'View thru'? Nice composition by Sue Caldwell
Great close-up detail and strong colour!
One of the best on the day I reckon - unusual angle and view of White Bay power station
Pic by Sue Caldwell
Homage to Ralph: Colourful HDR shot from Alan Stern.
Just a BIT over the top colour-wise but, as with many of Ralph's images too, I rather like the style.,
Would work well if printed on a BIG canvas...

Another really nice and quite unusual close-up study by Anne B

Great soft, moody detail submitted by Ann (Baker!?)

 Old Window - Photo by Graham Robinson

 Rust detail- Photo by Graham Robinson

 Industrial Symmetry - Photo by Graham Robinson

 Strong black-and-white shot of the power station by Glyn Patrick

 Wheels of steam - pic by Glyn Patrick

For me the best of the three - soft, muted light and great colour. By Glyn Patrick.

(BTW: If I have missed you out, or got the picture credits wrong, email me!)