Online Learning with BPSOP

I have been teaching online classes with this mob for several years ( It's a great way to learn for anyone who is time poor, who cannot easily get to a class-based session, and generally for busy people..

1:  Fill out the registrations and pay the fee
2: Upload your favourite work into your (password protected) page, add some details about yourself and check out the favourites from other students.
3: Lessons are published usually every two weeks (my classes last for two months)
4: Lessons are delivered in the form of a tutorial video hosted on a private YouTube account
5: You then answer the assignment questions, edit the work and upload to the BPSOP server. Each assignment has a (rough) deadline to adhere to.
6: I then view the work online and assess the results, making a video recording of my findings which is then posted on Students then get a link sent through so you can watch/listen to my feedback and suggestions.

Learn how to completely transform your digital shots using a wide range of retouching and editing skills

Working like this allows students to progress at their own pace, ask as many questions as needed (there's a special Q&A forum on the BPSOP server) plus, as there are no real deadlines it allows students to do the work when it suits them and upload when they have the time. Ideal for stay at home mums, busy professionals, people planning a vacation or fitting it in with school holidays.

Here's an example of the type of tutorial you'll find once logged in a ready to start your lessons:

Any questions, contact me at or go to to see the range of online classes available.

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