House Construction Photo Project #4

Almost three months after work stopped on our house, it started again. Hurrah! It has been a very frustrating three months waiting, waiting and more waiting while the builder tried to untangle the structural engineer's draftsmanship. As with most building projects, there was a lot of mud slinging and finger pointing as to who was responsible, but the bottom line was that the builder and more importantly, the steel manufacturer, could not fathom how the steel for the structural reinforcements were to be made. Having semi-circular bay windows did not help but I had no idea that an endoskeleton was required for the house construction. Especially so seeing that the house that was demolished to make way for the new pad had no steel, minimal brickwork and still managed to survive more than 50 years.

The steel arrives, all nicely galvanised and numbered for assembly.
It really looked more like a giant meccano set.
All you need is a giant spanner and it's done...
Anyway, that's the way it has to be - so we wait a week while this giant meccano endoskeleton is bolted, then welded, into place before the brikkies can start work.  Can't wait!

It took all of one day to get the bolts installed - because they only get one stab at it.
To the bystander the steel skeleton looks really weird because some of the steel has to be propped onto brickwork - which has not been built yet.
Front bow window frames - before the windows are added
Close-up of the heavy steel H-bars being used to hole up our bedroom (which overhangs the terrace
by a metre and a half)
Looks a bit weird just standing there waiting for the windows to be inserted between the supports
and the brickwork to be erected behind and down the sides..

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